Studio Akar Content Workflow

  • Audience Personas

    Audience personas are fictional representations of your ideal audience. They are the root of all content strategy and production.
  • Hooks & Triggers

    The next step is to understand the challenges that your audience faces. What are their needs? Understand what draws them to watch.
  • Keywords

    Keyword research allows you to see the estimated search volume by location, how difficult it is to rank for certain keywords and estimate of the cost of purchasing search traffic through pay-per-click advertising.
  • Set Goals and KPIs

    The first step towards measuring the return on investment of content is identifying exactly what you want to achieve and when you expect to see the results.
  • Outline The Content Strategy

    As we break down the types of content, platforms and channels to best target an audience thoughout the funnel: Top-of-funnel Awareness, Middle-of-funnel Evaluation, Bottom-of-funnel Purchase Decision. Understanding the questions, concerns and objections that each of your buyer personas have during the three stages of the inbound funnel will help your content strategy take shape.
  • Design The Nurturing Process

    Using video within email automation provides superior qualifying and greater data insight into your leads compared to just using text and images. Ask us to find out how we do this.
  • Measure, Refine, Perfect

    Sometimes things don’t work the first time round. That is why we focus on monitoring and refining. It’s about minimising wastage and maximising your spend.

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