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We map out the best physical and digital touch points throughout the buyer journey to reach your target customers. We then create specific video content for each touch point. We atomise video across channels and platforms by reworking main videos into smaller snippets.

  • Video works at every stage of your customer cycle.
  • "Snack" size social media video snippets to attract leads.
  • Nurture leads using video email marketing, landing pages and re-targeting campaigns.
  • Use education videos to convert leads and website visitors into sales.
  • Retain customers with follow up videos and/or continual a digital series of videos.

More about buyer journey video marketing

Client Case Study: Active8me

Southeast Asian fitness app, Active8me, engaged Akar to create a series of in-app workout videos for their paid fitness programs. The video below shows an example

The Buyer Journey

Each month we top up their marketing efforts with short snippet videos for use on social media threads, blog embeds and within email marketing campaigns. These videos are created for the specific stages of their buyer journey and to enhance and compliment their existing marketing efforts.

Click on each stage below to see an example:


ATTRACT: buyer discovers your brand or product


NURTURE: buyer considers your product


CONVERT: buyer purchase

A series of digital marketing photographs were produced for marketing and branding. Some examples are shown here:

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tmb tmb
tmb tmb
tmb tmb

Digital Marketing


Computer Generated Imagery



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