BASK Architectural Visualisation

This Visualisation of the BASK Gili Meno resort. It Shows the Dining and Lounch area towards the ocean including an underground Bar.

MAN Architectural Visualisation

Architectural Visualisation done for MAN Resort in Bali.

The following is a online 3D example of a room.

Studio Akar Digital Property Branding & Marketing

How to increase high-net-worth marketing leads in the real estate sector? In this highly competitive space, we use good clean branding combined with blogs, video and computer generated modelling together with analytics to produce content specific for developing and nurturing leads throughout the buyer journey. Content for the B2C market is a very different kettle of fish compared to content for developers attracting investment capital.

Quadra Print Advertisement Visualizations

We created several visualizations for Quadra to promote their new porcelain design surfaces. The images are used in printed promotional materials and digital marketing

Walkthrough Scenes & Video

The architect or rendering company creates the architectural model of a villa, for example. We then work with these same files to create valuable marketing assets that can be with video interviews with designers and project visionaries help to devlier powerful communication on a variety of digital channels.

360 Architectual Visualisation

Global property giant, Jones Lang Lasalle, and 360 photography specialists, Panomatics, presented us with an exciting new challenge. Is it possible to combine aerial 360degree photography with architectural drawings? The answer was yes, of course. By embedding three dimensional models of properties into 360 photography we were able to present a very realistic representation of the property within it’s unmodified environmental surroundings. By combining this with video, we opened up the ability for sales agents to use this to qualify leads and collect valuable data to identify the next best steps to conversion.

Glasses-Free 3D Screens and Tablets

We work with the same rendering files in 3Dsmax with V-Ray that was used to make the walk-throughs and 360degree panning scenes.

We render a three dimensional fly-through between two perspectives that were chosen by the architect and the client for the 2D still images. We set up two cameras a few centimetres apart and let them pan between the two camera positions used for the 2D still images. We used the same lighting and rendering files. Only this time, we rendered 24 images per second (24 frames per second) for each perspective.

As you can imagine, with all the frames that need rendering, intensive compute power is required to render the 3D animations. For the tablet, one minute of animation contains nearly 3,000 images. For the 65” display, one minute contains nearly 13,000 images. Rendering companies do not have the capacity to deliver that level of rendering.

We, on the other hand, have the computing capacity and expertise to render the animation in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way.

Digital Marketing

Video Production


Computer Generated Imagery



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